​​​Responsible AI
for ​business growth ​and social good.

Responsible Artificial Intelligence ​​​Consult​ant/​Advisor:
I help ​keep an eye on critical issues at the intersection of ​AI business innovation​ and sustainable development to future-proof your ​​Strategy, elevate your Brand and make Profit in new and meaningful ways.


​​AI ​Governance ​and Ethics

​Creating ​business processes ​and ethical practices to maximize AI benefits for humanity and preventrisks to people

AI ​for Social Good

​​Improving people's lives ​& helping solve society's biggest ​problems by ​advanc​ing ​ ​Sustainable Development Goals ​using AI

Rights-based approach

​​​Managing AI sustainability risks​ through compliance, ​regular Fundamental Rights Due Diligence & Impact Assessment

​AI & the Future of work

​Empowering people to leverage Artificial Intelligence technology to create agile careers ​​and ​more meaningful jobs

​Networking & learning

​Engaging with key AI ​European ​and global players, experts, thought leaders, collaborative platforms

​Social footprint

​Contributing to collective intelligence ​and raising own ​international ​profile as Responsible AI business leaders

​Co​nnect​ ​AI ​business ​needs ​to social purpose and global challenges

  • ​By being forward thinking in shaping business strategies ​in line with the ​Global Goals for sustainable development on community and global level
  • ​By making AI ethics part of the broader corporate social responsibility and sustainability system and integrating respect for human rights ​​​in accordance with ​international standards
  • ​​By being part of ​relevant and meaningful Responsible AI conversations, acting as leaders, working with others and learning from national and global peers.


​​AI's industry diversity crisis is real, contributing to bias in AI systems. The ultimate success of your ​​company or project ​will always depend on ​​the power and diverse expertise​ of people working for it. ​Invest in ​diversity and inclusion. Embrace sustainab​le innovation. Hire ​and work with diverse talent that brings new perspective and ​valuable skill sets beyond tech.   ​

Responsible AI Innovation and Diversity linkages quote.

Diversity drives innovation – when we limit who can contribute, we in turn limit what problems we can solve.

​Dr.Telle Witney (former President and CEO of AnitaB.org)

WHY ENGAGE WITH ​RESPONSIBLE AI Principles & standards

​EU AI Ethics Guidelines
​Ethics ​& Responsible AI

​T​he Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence developed by the EU High-Level Expert Group on AI ​highlight that trustworthy AI should be lawful, ethical and robust. They put forward ​a set of ​seven key requirements that AI systems should meet in order to be deemed trustworthy, including among others ​diversity, non-discrimination, societal and environmental well-being, transparency and accountability. T​he Guidelines have been also reinforced by AI Policy and Investment Recommendations.

​OECD principles on Artificial Intelligence
​Principles ​& Responsible AI

​​The OECD’s ​member​ countries along with partner countries adopted the first ever set of intergovernmental policy guidelines on ​AI​, agreeing to uphold international standards ​that aim to ensure AI systems are ​designed in a way that respects the rule of law, human rights, democratic values and diversity. They emphasize that AI should benefit people and the planet by driving inclusive growth, sustainable development and well-being.

​CoE: Human Rights impacts of Algorithms
​Human Rights ​& Responsible AI

​​Draft recommendation on the human rights impacts of algorithmic AI systems ​was released by the Council of Europe for public consultation in August 2019 and adopted in ​April 2020. ​The CoE's document explicitly refers to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights as a guidance for due diligence process and ​Human ​Rights Impact Assessments. ​Furthermore, CoE established Ad Hoc Committee ​on ​AI to ​develop ​​the first international ​legal instrument ​​on the development, design and application of AI, based on ​human rights standards, democracy ​and the principles of the rule of law.​

​​IEEE Global Initiative: ​ethically Aligned Design
​​IEEE standards ​& Responsible AI

​​Ethically Aligned Design (EAD) Document is created ​​to ​educate a broader public ​and to inspire ​academics, engineers, policy makers and manufacturers of autonomous and intelligent systems​ to take action ​on prioritiz​ing ethical considerations​​.​ The general principles for AI design, manufacturing and use include: human rights, wellbeing, data agency, effectiveness, transparency, accountability, awareness of misuse, competence. ​The unique IEEE P7000 Standards series address specific issues at the intersection of technology and ethics​ and aimed to empower innovation across borders and enable societal benefit. ​​The Ethics Certification Program ​was launched by IEEE to develop metrics and ​methodology towards ​implementation of ​certification and marking processes ​addressing ​initially transparency, accountability and algorithmic bias.      ​ 

Sustainable Development Goals
SDGs ​& Responsible AI

​Today, business success is measured by its positive impact on society and concrete contribution to solving ​most pressing global challenges. By ​pro-actively engaging with the ​Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and making business decisions in alignment with the SDGs, you ​gain an edge you need to succeed. As for inspiration and ideas for collaboration across borders, the annual ​AI for Good Global Summit is the leading UN platform for global and inclusive dialogue on how artificial intelligence could help accelerate progress towards the ​​Global Goals.

​Business ​and Human Rights
​UN​GPs & Responsible AI

​In ​an era of rapid ​technological disruption and rising ​inequality, business has a ​unique opportunity ​to implement​ human-centered innovation by taking into account ​social, ethical​ and human rights implications of AI. The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), authoritative global sustainability framework, offers a roadmap​ to navigate responsibility-related challenges and inspires creative solutions.

​Collaborative Platforms and Social Learning
​EU & global Networking 

​In times when ​Europe finds its space among AI superpowers and ​most EU countries have ​​articulated their ambitions related to artificial intelligence, it is of paramount importance to find your unique voice, ​​track and join ​essential conversations, strategically engage in collective efforts and leave meaningful digital footprint.​ ​We ​live in ​an interconnected ​and interdependent world! 

​Aim for ​Trustworthy AI.

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​Diversity & Expertise

  • ​International experience ​and skill sets mix rarely found in AI ​​space ​
  • ​Cross-sector expertise & ​interdisciplinary approach
  • ​Cultural fluency, ​broad network, ​global mindset
  • ​Languages (RU, ENG, IT)
  • SDGs & Human rights lens
  • Sustainability ​insights
  • ​Good grasp of policy and  ​global AI governance​ landscape, including emerging regulatory framework


''Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm''
  • ​Passion for the cause
  • ​High interest & motivation
  • Continuous learning
  • ​Growth mindset
  • ​​Open​ness  and  sharp eye for opportunities
  • ​​​​Empathy ​& strength (yes, both at the same time)

​ Creativity & Critical Thinking

''​Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected''
  • ​Curiosity ​& deep insights
  • Fresh perspective
  • Innovative approaches contributing to ​more sustainable ​business models & resilience
  • ​​Resourcefulness
  • ​​​Futures thinking


​I am honoured ​to be in the list of 100 ​brilliant ​women with diverse backgrounds from around the world ​actively promoting the cause of ethical and responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) business practices.

100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics/Responsible AI to Follow in 2019 and ​beyond

Creating space for ​collaboration​: ​​To build on this initiative, expand the list and spark new global connections, ORBIT (the Observatory for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT) with the support from Microsoft, the Alan Turing Institute and the University of Oxford, Department of Computer Science, has organised '100+ Brilliant Women & AI Ethics Conference'and turned the list into a directory with bios and specialties of women professionals working on ethical and responsible AI issues​.​​


​​The members of Women in AI Ethics (WAIE) council and Advisory board ​helped identify and include new voices in this space - ​over 50% of the names on ​2020 list ​are new​. I'm proud to be featured for the second year running!

100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics/Responsible AI ​20​20 ​

“​If artificial intelligence is not diverse, it's not ethical.”


​(Wendy Hall, Professor University of Southhampton at #UNCSD)

Ethical and Responsible AI - diversity in artificial intelligence quote.

​Responsible AI technology >> Sustainable business

​​​Need help ​in navigating ​AI risks and sustainability challenges and implementing ​inclusive and sustainable AI innovation?


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