Time to Take Your AI Innovation Strategy to the Next Level?

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The SDGs

AI Innovation & SDGs: ''The UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development offer a compelling growth strategy for individual businesses and the world economy.'' – Better Business, Better World  report

Alla Kos

Responsible AI

How I Could Help You Grow & Achieve Sustainable AI Innovation

Based on where you are today as a leader and a company, I will help you develop internal capacity to innovate responsibly by aligning and meaningfully engaging with key EU and global guidelines, standards and frameworks aimed at building and deploying trustworthy AI systems and solutions for the benefit of people and society, and by co-creating thriving ecosystems.

AI for Good - Social lmpact

Better understanding, defining and communicating impact. Using new lens for unlocking transformational business opportunities. Using AI to contribute to achievement of the SDGs to tackle the world’s pressing social challenges.

AI Ethics Guidelines, Regulation & Human Rights

Helping make sense of and implement essential Responsible AI guidelines and global sustainability standards, as part of a company's overall governance system, without overwhelm.

Collaboration - Partnerships

Identifying and exploring promising collaboration initiatives for amplifying your impact and sharing risks. Tapping into critical European and Global conversations, National AI Strategy practices and collective intelligence.

About Alla Kos

Multi-lingual International Development and Business professional, with diverse cross-sector practical experience, fascinated by the potential of Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies for making positive social impact.

I do believe that deliberately engaging with Responsible AI Innovation and Sustainability issues is the most creative way of Business Development, a smart strategy of risks management and a meaningful opportunity for leaders at all levels to make a real difference in the world.

Who Is My Consulting For? Responsible AI Innovation

My consulting, advisory and capacity building services are for modern purpose-driven leaders, Centers of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence, companies, IT firms, startups, impact and accelerator hubs, nonprofits and international development organisations engaged in AI Innovation issues and AI, Machine Learning, Data for Social Good initiatives or AI Strategy drafting process, committed to explore Responsible AI Innovation beyond technology alone, for a better world for all.

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AI - ICT Industry

AI companies willing to proactively engage with Responsible AI Innovation issues and position themselves as leaders in human-centered and ethical approaches to Artificial Intelligence.


Other non - Tech Industries

‘’Every company is a tech company’’ and any industry deploying AI technology is responsible for identifying, managing and mitigating its actual and potential human rights risks and harm to people.

AI 4 good PrOJECTs

Private Sector - Nonprofits

Company, organization or country wide projects focused on AI for Social Good, as integral part of core business strategy aimed to support the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

To Build a Better Future, We Need Five Times Bolder Leadership

AI Innovation and responsible business leadership quote on embracing sustainability, equality and accountability.

“We’re committed to purpose-driven leadership and believe that these times call for every business leader to also embrace the principles of sustainability, equality and accountability. To us, it is not a choice but simply our duty. We must address the existential climate crisis, unsustainable levels of inequality and broken trust not only “at home” in our own companies, but also beyond - in our supply chains, our industries, our countries, regions and the world at large. The world needs nothing less from those of us who want to call ourselves leaders.”

Halla Tómasdóttir -  CEO, The B Team

What Are You Waiting For?

Let’s Improve Your AI Strategy,

With Impact and Profit in mind!

strategy HOUR

For modern purpose-driven business leaders: simple way to get focused outside feedback, fresh perspective and specific guidance on new ways to create long-term business value and align business innovation and growth goals with social purpose and impact.

Start thinking differently & shaping your Future by making better informed decisions Today.

  • Preparation work
  • 60-minute strategy session (197 euro)
  • via Zoom video call or meeting in Vienna
  • Follow up recommendations
  • For a more deep dive, book 2 hours strategy session (377 euro)



Most effective way to get my ongoing support and guidance, strengthen diversity and profile of your team, organisation or company.
Public sector & AI for Cities actors included.

  • Support Governance, Risk and Compliance team in preparing for AI regulation in EU
  •  Advise on design & implementation of Responsible AI Strategy
  • Support to integrate Responsible AI in your organisation based on best practices and cutting-edge research
  • Help making sense of complex AI policy and governance issues and implementing them in the context of your organisation
  • Keep track of rapidly evolving European and global regulatory landscape for AI and Machine Learning technologies
  • Provide guidance on anticipating AI risks (including ethical and fundamental rights risks) and identifying opportunities for sustainable growth and innovation
  • Join Advisory IT firms seeking specialized expertise to expand range of in-house comptencies/establish Responsible AI department to enhance offerings & serve better their clients. Interested?


Best option to get tailored research and consulting assistance for meeting your very specific project goals.

  • Short-term and long-term AI initiatives
  • AI team (Strategy/Innovation) within a company looking for guidance on ethical & responsible development/deployment of AI systems & risks management issues
  • Consulting domain experts, functional managers & key decision makers on socially responsible AI and EU/global sustainability risks and standards 
  • Leaders/teams that need hands-on support & guidance on AI & Human Rights
  • Prioritising and Integrating SDGs into your core Business Development strategy (going far beyond business as usual).
  • Research on ethical and responsible AI, including on AI for the SDGs.