Time to Take Your ​AI Innovation Strategy to the Next Level?

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​The SDGs

​AI Innovation & SDGs: ''The UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development offer a compelling growth strategy for individual businesses and the world economy.'' – Better Business, Better World  report

​Alla Kos

R​esponsible AI

How I Could Help You Grow & Achieve ​Sustainable AI Innovation

​​​Based on where you are today as a leader and a company, I will help you ​​develop internal capacity to innovate responsibly by aligning and meaningfully engaging with ​key EU and global guidelines, ​standards and frameworks aimed at ​​building and deploying trustworthy ​AI systems and solutions for the benefit of people and society, and by co-creating thriving ecosystems.

AI for Good - Social lmpact

​Better understanding, defining and communicating impact. Using new lens for unlocking transformational business opportunities. Using AI to contribute to​ achievement of the SDGs to tackle ​the world’s ​pressing social challenges. ​

AI Ethics Guidelines, Standards & Human Rights

​Helping make sense of and implement essential Responsible AI guidelines and global sustainability standards​, as ​part of a company's overall governance system, without overwhelm.

Collaboration - Partnerships

​Identifying and exploring ​promising collaboration initiatives for ​amplifying your impact and sharing risks. Tapping into critical European and Global conversations, National AI Strateg​y ​practices and collective intelligence​.

About ​Alla Kos

​Multi-lingual International Development and Business professional, with diverse cross-sector practical experience, fascinated by the potential of Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies for making positive social impact.

I do believe that ​deliberately engaging with Responsible AI Innovation and Sustainability issues is the most creative way of Business Development, a smart strategy of risks management and a meaningful opportunity for leaders at all levels to make a real difference in the world.

Wh​o ​Is My Consulting For? ​Responsible AI Innovation

​My consulting, advisory and capacity building services ​ are for modern purpose-driven leaders, Centers of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence, ​companies, ​IT firms, startups, impact and accelerator hubs, nonprofits and ​international development organisations engaged in AI Innovation issues and AI, Machine Learning, Data for Social Good initiatives or ​​AI Strategy drafting process, committed to explore Responsible AI Innovation beyond ​technology alone, for ​a better world for all. 

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​AI - ICT Industry

​AI companies willing to proactively engage with Responsible AI Innovation issues and position themselves as leaders in human-centered and ethical approaches to Artificial Intelligence.


​Other non - Tech Industries

​‘’Every company is a tech company’’ and any industry deploying AI technology is responsible for identifying, managing and mitigating its actual and potential human rights risks and harm to people.

AI ​4 good PrOJECTs

​Private Sector - Nonprofits

​Company, organization or country wide ​projects focused on AI for Social Good, as integral part of core business strategy aimed to support the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

To Build a Better Future, We Need Five Times Bolder Leadership

AI Innovation and responsible business leadership quote on embracing sustainability, equality and accountability.

“​We’re committed to purpose-driven leadership and believe that these times call for every business leader to also embrace the principles of sustainability, equality and accountability. To us, it is not a choice but simply our duty. We must address the existential climate crisis, unsustainable levels of inequality and broken trust not only “at home” in our own companies, but also beyond - in our supply chains, our industries, our countries, regions and the world at large. The world needs nothing less from those of us who want to call ourselves leaders.”

​Halla Tómasdóttir -  CEO, The B Team

What Are You Waiting For?

Let’s Improve ​​Your AI ​Strategy​,

​With Impact and ​​Profit in mind​​​!

​​strategy HOUR

​For modern purpose-driven business leaders: simple ​way to get focused outside feedback, ​fresh perspective and specific guidance on new ways to create long-term business value and align business innovation and growth goals with social purpose and impact.

​Start thinking differently & shaping your ​Future by making better decisions ​Today.

  • ​Preparation work ​
  • 60-minute strategy session (197 euro)
  • ​via Zoom video call or ​meeting in Vienna
  • Follow up recommendations
  • Fo​r a ​​more ​deep dive, book 2 hours strategy session (377 euro)




​Most effective way to get my ongoing support​ and​ strengthen diversity of your tech company or ​consulting ​firm ​team or development consultancy projects in developing countries​.​​​​ ​​​Best option for:

  • Short-term and long-term AI initiatives
  • ​​Continued ​access to ​Responsible AI Innovation & Governance Advisor
  • Part-time/flexible Responsible AI role
  • AI team (​Strategy/Innovation)​ within a compan​y looking for guidance on​ ethical ​& responsible development/deployment of AI ​systems & ​risks management issues
  • Center for Artificial Intelligence as expert ​Advisor to support and consult your domain experts, managers ​& key decision makers ​on ​socially ​​ responsib​le AI and EU/global sustainability risks & standards.
  • ​Prioritising and Integrating SDGs into ​​your core Business Development strategy (going far beyond business as usual)
  • ​​​Leaders/teams that need hands-on support & guidance on ​AI & Human Rights
  • Advisory firms teams seeking speciali​zed expertise ​to expand range of in-house comptencies/establish Responsible AI department to serve better their clients
  • ​IT consultancies that innovate in AI and care about ethical & responsible use of AI


The ​​best way to get extremely tailored capacity building training ​and ​small group mentoring for meeting your very specific ​goals.

 Also excellent way to add a ​customized session on Responsible AI/Machine Learning ​to enrich your training program or event in line with your needs.  

​No to one-size-fits-all approach.

  • ​Designed on demand
  • ​Co-created with you