Top AI Conference for Business Leaders: The Ultimate Guide 2020

By Alla Kos

February 4, 2020

Note: This post is regularly updated with new dates or changes due to COVID-19.

What is the best AI conference to attend in 2020? If you are a business leader, it would be useful if the top Artificial Intelligence event on your radar would focus not only on the latest technology trends but cover also ethical and responsible AI innovation and governance issues.

In fact, the year 2020 is promising to be rich for events, news and conversations around all issues of AI ethics, policy and regulation. Therefore, the purpose of this blog post is to present the actual calendar of the entire year 2020 featuring the most important AI/Machine Learning events, AI ethics and technology governance conferences, summits, festivals and forums, including highlights on their key themes and topics. 

Below you will find a profile for each AI technology related event to make it easy for you to plan your participation, tracking, professional networking, follow up and learning activities. And, no matter when you read this post, you could always check conference website and social media accounts for the past AI events on this 2020 list.

If you have been focusing mainly on enterprise AI technology use cases and less (or not at all) on its social and environmental impacts, you might find some events in this guide that sound less familiar to you. They are not less important, though, and you will quickly discover it by yourself already in the first months of 2020 as the EU Commission presents legislative proposals for a coordinated European approach to the human and ethical implications of AI and sets the ground for global rules on artificial intelligence.

What does the top AI conference Guide 2020 cover?

The Top AI Conference Guide 2020 includes events focused on tech advancements and ethical and responsible development and use of AI and other emerging technologies, and aimed especially at business leaders of any industry involded with or interested in AI adoption and digital transformation initiatives as well as at technology sector executives and managers. 

It is divided into four sections that cover:

  • International events dedicated to AI ethics and governance issues held in Europe
  • Featured AI technology events including ethics and governance tracks
  • Key AI forums with focus on AI ethics, policy and regulation issues held in non-European countries e.g. in the US and Canada
  • Artificial Intelligence technology, Business and Human Rights, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals: international events relevant for business executives and decision-makers engaged with AI strategy, AI for Good initiatives, sustainable business development, procurement and corporate governance issues.

AI conference profiles include dates and location, key theme, Twitter handle, dedicated AI event hashtag, program and topics highlights, website address, edition and its unique characteristics. 

Why engage with AI Governance agenda through top AI conference of your choice?

It goes without saying that you don't need to attend all these events in person. There are plenty of other ways how you could use them to your advantage. However, the five main reasons why modern business leaders should make sure they stay on top of the recent developments and emerging trends are as follows:

  1. to make more informed decisions and build a reliable foundation for your AI strategy
  2. to manage risks beyond compliance and make your company more successful through better AI governance
  3. to learn about good business practices for implementing responsible and ethical use of AI, improving corporate governance processes and fulfilling social responsibility
  4. to stay engaged with AI policy makers not only to track evolving regulations but to shape them by providing your inputs and being part of AI governance and AI ethics conversations and pilot projects
  5. to unlock new business development opportunities by staying ahead of the curve, reinventing your business models and making them fit for the future.

Bonus benefits: Last but not least, meaningfully engaging with AI regulation and governance issues, attending or following at least some top AI conferences and events could be a great way of finding your next new business partner, employee, investor, advisor and learning from your global peers.

Of course, it's totally up to you how you decide to learn and improve AI business practices. Ignore data ethics and AI technology governance developments, events and conversations at your own peril.

Top AI and technology governance conferences in Europe and around the world

Still curious to identify your own top AI conference? Here's the list of the best AI events with tech ethics and governance angle to attend or follow in 2020.

Let's dive into it!

UPDATE: Due to health and safety/COVID-19 issues, some March - December 2020 AI events are being re-scheduled. New dates are indicated below (in green - easy to spot) as they become available, alongside originally planned dates.

Top AI & Tech Governance Conference List 2020 (quick navigation)

1. Computers, Privacy and Data Protection: CPDP2020 as best Data Protection and AI Conference

Dates and location: 22-24 January 2020, Brussels, Belgium

CPDP 2020 Data Protection and Artificial Intelligence Conference

Key theme: For this edition, CPDP takes Artificial Intelligence as its focus to pave the way for a timely and thorough discussion over a broad range of ethical, legal and policy issues related to new technologies and data analytics. Plus, addressing a remarkable gap between AI’s aspirations and truths.

It’s time we get on the same page as to what AI is and, perhaps more importantly, what we want it to be so that we can direct our efforts into the right direction to regulate AI. - Paul De Hert

Twitter & event hashtag: @cpdpconferences #CPDP2020

Edition: 13th International Conference

Program highlights: CPDP 2020 AI conference program promises to provide insightful talks and engaging discussions throughout 3 days of panels across 5 stages. Here's only some of the selected titles of the sessions included:

  • Can Ethics be Standardised? 
  • The GDPR and New Technologies: Enough, or do we need more?
  • Unlocking societal benefits of AI with privacy protective technologies
  • Responsible AI: Is There Global Convergence?
  • What does good AI governance look like? And how to get there?
  • A global view on AI challenges to privacy
  • AI governance: innovative approaches
  • Regulating Facial Recognition Technology
  • Changing Technology and Laws: Can Accountability be a Key to Global Compliance?
  • Data Economy, AI, Privacy and Sustainability in times of Climate Emergency

What is special about CPDP AI conference?: Its multidisciplinary formulaCPDP brings together a diverse blend of stakeholders, disciplines and approaches and offers the cutting edge in legal, regulatory, academic and technological development in privacy and data protection. CPDP is EU’s main multistakeholder forum for academics, lawyers, practitioners, policy-makers, industry and civil society from all over the world to meet and discuss the latest emerging issues and trends in privacy, data protection and ICT.

Web :

2. Ad Hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence - CAHAI, Council of Europe

Dates and location: four meetings in 2020 (see the dates below)

CAHAI Ad Hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence

CAHAI website

CAHAI Bureau Meetings:
23-24 January 2020 and 24-25 September 2020, Strasbourg, France

CAHAI Plenary Meetings:
6 - 8 July 2020 (VIRTUAL PLENARY MEETING) and 30 November - 2 December 2020, Strasbourg, France

Agenda of the 2nd CAHAI Plenary Meeting (6 - 8 July 2020) includes:

  • Proposals on the feasibility study of a future legal framework on AI, including its scope and main elements
  • Mapping of international binding and non-binding instruments, as well as of ethical guidelines, relevant to the design, development and application of artificial intelligence
  • Preliminary analysis of the opportunities and risks arising from the design, development and application of AI on human rights, rule of law and democrac

Other international organisations such as EU, OECD and UNESCO will also contribute to CAHAI’s work.

Note: While CAHAI meetings are internal, the group is engaging with diverse stakeholders and the outcomes of their work are important and relevant for everyone.

Key theme: Towards an application of AI based on human rights, the rule of law and democracy. Main task: to examine the feasibility and potential elements on the basis of broad multi-stakeholder consultations, of a legal framework for the development, design and application of artificial intelligence technology.

Twitter & event hashtag: @COE4AI #CoE4AI #CAHAI

Edition: The CAHAI's mandate is two years.

Program highlights: Elaboration of the feasibility study and Mapping of the work on AI already carried out within the Council of Europe and other international organisations and multi-stakeholder initiatives.  

What is special about CAHAI?: Its mandate and work on the legal standards that, like cyber crime and data protection Conventions, aim to set global benchmarks. The CAHAI aims to present the elements for a Convention on AI by 2021.

3. European perspective on Artificial Intelligence (AI): Paving the way for SMEs’ AI adoption in key industrial value chains

Dates and location: 18-19 February 2020, Brussels, Belgium

European Perspective on Artificial Intelligence - SME adoption of AI Conference

Key theme: The value potential of AI development for European SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of Europe's economy. They represent 99% of all businesses in the EU. The European Commission considers SMEs and entrepreneurship as key to ensuring economic growth, innovation, job creation and social integration in the EU.

Twitter & event hashtag: @EU_Growth and @EU_EASME  #AI4SMEs

Edition: 1st edition

Program highlights:  

  • Foundations for successful AI adoption by SMEs
  • TED-style talks, panel and small group discussions, presentations
  • Workshops on AI strategy, AI skills, data-driven business models, market creation for European AI applications in strategic value chains
  • Keynote ''Humankind in the digital era'' to reflect on the bigger AI and Society questions.

What is special about AI for SMEs Conference?:

  • Kick-off conference to unlock the full potential of AI for European SMEs
  • Knowledge exchange, networking and discussion othe EU Commission's AI policy among all ecosystem representatives, including European SMEs, large established market players, decision makers, AI innovators and academics.


4. Politico AI Summit 2020 - high profile event on the role of European AI industry in the world

Dates and location: 16-17 March 2020, Brussels, Belgium

POSTPONED to 30 September - 1 October 2020 ONLINE

AI Summit 2020 by POLITICO High-profile Conference in EU

AI Summit 2020 @EventsPOLITICO

Key theme: Can Europe keep up with its digital legacy and be a global rule-maker? AI Summit aims to tackle key questions about the future of AI global regulation and the technology’s implementation e.g. What are the EU’s policy priorities to boost Europe’s Artificial Intelligence industry, while complying with European AI ethical standards?

Twitter & Politico AI event hashtag: @EventsPOLITICO #POLITICOAI

Edition: 3rd edition: high-level international and interdisciplinary group of government leaders with industry, research, academic, and civil society stakeholders, including corporates, scientists and engineers, ethicists, economists, sociologists, anthropologists, VCs, start-ups.

Program highlights:  

  • the AI global state of play
  • Europe's approach to Artificial Intelligence
  • overcoming the biases of AI
  • AI national strategies and outlook on AI corporate and public implementation
  • EU and member states access needs to capital, data and skills needed to develop strong AI solutions

What is special about POLITICO AI Summit?: High level panels, strategic round tables, addressing big profound questions and issues at the intersection of innovation and government, bringing in multiple viewpoints to find a way forward for making a difference on society at large. 

Politico AI Summit 2019 conversations also focused on issues at the intersection of innovation and governance. AI Summit 2021 on Artificial Intelligence in Europe is on May 30 - June 1.


5. European AI Policy Conference

Dates and location: 25 March 2020, Brussels, Belgium

POSTPONED to 1 December 2020

European AI Policy Conference in Brussels

European AI Policy Conference logo

Key theme: Trends in AI Leadership, Strategy and Innovation: bringing together leading voices in AI to discuss why European success in Artificial Intelligence is important, how the EU compares to other world leaders today, and what steps European policymakers should take to be more competitive in AI.

Twitter & AI event hashtag: @DataInnovation 

Edition: dedicated AI policy conference

Program highlights: The European AI Policy Conference program draws on the expertise of global thought leaders on AI policy bringing the best ideas e.g. Margrethe Vestager (the European Commission’s executive vice-president for a Europe fit for the digital age) is also one of the speakers.

What is special about the European AI Policy Conference?:

  • high-level forum to connect stakeholders working to promote AI in Europe, showcase advances in AI, and promote AI policies supporting its development to EU policymakers and thought leaders
  • opportunity to grow your professional network and explore potential collaboration with global AI experts from industry and government


6. International Congress for the Governance of AI (ICGAI)

Dates and location: 16-18 April 2020, Prague, Czeck Republic

NEW DATES: 20-22 October 2020, RESCHEDULED to 13-15 May 2021

International Congress for the Governance of AI - ICGAI 2020 in Prague

ICGAI Conference website

Key theme: Agile governance of AI - balancing the need for innovation, competition and cooperation, while minimizing risks and undesirable societal consequences.

Twitter & event hashtag: #ICGAI

Edition: 1st

Program highlights: Topics for the tracks at the Congress include:

  • Hard Law and Soft Law in the Governance of AI
  • AI and International Security
  • Minimizing and Managing System Failures
  • Corporate Self-Governance and Accountability
  • Inclusion, just transformation of work and society, and addressing the needs of small nations and underserved communities

What is special about ICGAI?: ICGAI is collaborative initiative aiming to establish an agile and comprehensive governance framework for artificial intelligence by going beyond principles and individual policy proposals and focusing on putting in place international mechanisms.


7. European AI forum

Dates and location: 30 June 2020 online

European AI forum and new post-COVID context

European AI forum website

Key theme: European AI forum aims to highlight some of the challenges we face today and consider Europe's path to tech sovereignty in the fields of AI data, business and infrastructure. 

Twitter & event hashtag: @HubFranceIA  #EuropeanAIforum 

Edition: AI online event 2020 and the new post-Covid context

Program highlights: 'What possibilities does AI offer to master current challenges, enable new opportunities and business models  and further develop a European economy taking full advantage of digitization, data and AI?'

The high-level keynotes and three panel discussions will focus on the following prominent topics:

  • The road to recovery from COVID-19 and challenges ahead for European AI
  • Exploring a European regulatory framework for AI
  • European digital infrastructure for AI

What is special about the European AI forum?: The forum is addressed to entrepreneurs and stakeholders all over Europe, corporate companies, start-ups, research institutes, public organizations.


8. European AI Alliance Assembly

Dates and location: 9 October 2020, ONLINE high-level and multi-participatory forum

European AI Alliance Assembly

Second European AI Alliance Assembly 2020, Program header

Key theme: Towards an AI ecosystem of excellence and trust

Twitter & AI Alliance Assembly hashtag: @RoboticsEU, @DSMeu #AIAlliance

Edition: 2nd

Program highlights: Sectorial considerations for Trustworthy AI; Uptake of AI in the public sector; the results of the Consultation on the European Commission AI White Paper; Assessment List for Trustworthy AI; Conformity assessment, standards, and high-risk AI applications; AI and liability.

What is special about the EU AI Alliance Assembly?: The European AI Alliance is a forum that engages more than 4000 European citizens and stakeholders in a dialogue on the future of AI in Europe. The annual AI Alliance Assembly is a stakeholder event, key to the European Commission’s policymaking process in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The first European AI Alliance Assembly 2019 discussed the AI HLEG (High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence) Policy and Investment Recommendations possible impacts on economy and society and launched a piloting process for Trustworthy AI.


9. Internet Governance Forum IGF 2020

Dates and location: 2-6 November 2020, Katowice, Poland

IGF 2020 is held ONLINE, 2-17 November 2020.

Internet Governance Forum IGF 2020 in Poland

IGF 2020 website 

Key theme: Internet for human resilience and solidarity

Twitter & event hashtag: @intgovforum #IGF2020

Edition: 15th

Program highlights: The four main thematic tracks of IGF 2020 are (1) Data; (2) Environment; (3) Inclusion; (4) Trust.

What is special about the Internet Governance Forum?: The IGF is a global multistakeholder platform that facilitates the discussion of public policy issues pertaining to the Internet.

The 14th International Governance Forum 2019 was hosted in Berlin under the overarching theme: One World. One Net. One Vision.

IGF 2021 edition will be held in Katowice, Poland in the last quarter of 2021 under the theme Internet United.


10. The Responsible AI Forum 2020 (TRAIF)

Dates and location: 4-6 November 2020, Munich, Germany

The Responsible AI Forum (TRAIF) RESCHEDULED for 7-9 June 2021.

The Responsible AI Forum 2020 - Conference in Munich Germany

Responsible AI Forum @TRAIF2020

Key theme: Responsible use of AI

Twitter & event hashtag: @TRAIF2020 #TRAIF2020

Edition: 1st

Program highlights:

  • Explanability and Guidelines in AI
  • Business Ethics and AI
  • Global Perspectives on Responsible AI
  • AI Regulation and Policy

What is special about the Responsible AI Forum (TRAIF) in Munich?:

  • It aims to strike a balance between being a forum for deep academic exchange and practice-based industrial showcasing
  • A conference for all players in the field of AI: members of industry, civil society, government and academia
  • A conference encompassing the inter-related aspects of Artificial Intelligence: technology, social sciences, business, advocacy/public policy.


11. AI4People Summit 2020

Dates and location: 25 November 2020 at the European Parliament

The AI4PEOPLE Summit 2020 at European Parliament

The AI4PEOPLE - 2020

Key theme: The European Consultation on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI): presentation of the results of the extensive and international consultation of the public at large on Artificial Intelligence across twelve European countries Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom.

Twitter & event hashtag: @Ai4People #AI4People

Edition: 4th edition, launched in November 2017 with a three year roadmap

Program highlights: Preliminary program will be available after February 15, 2020.

What is special about AI4People Summit?: Europe’s first global forum on the social impact of AI bringing together all interested actors, including the European Commission, the European Parliament, civil society organisations, industry and the media.


12. The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2020

Dates and location: 21-24 January 2020, Davos, Switzerland

World Economic Forum WEF Annual Meeting 2020 Davos

WEF Annual Meeting Davos 2020

Key theme: Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World.

Twitter & event hashtag: @wef #wef20

Edition: 50th

Program highlights: Davos 2020 aims to assist governments and international institutions in tracking progress towards the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and facilitate discussions on technology and trade governance.

The Program for the Annual Meeting will prioritize six key areas: Ecology, Economy, Technology, Society, Geopolitics and Industry.

The content is split across 7 key themes covering diverse topics: 

  1. Healthy Futures
  2. Better Business
  3. Beyond Geopolitics
  4. Fairer Economies
  5. Tech for Good
  6. How to Save the Planet
  7. Society & Future of Work

What is special about WEF Annual Meeting?: Focus on the Global, Regional and Industry agendas, guided by the Forum's mission ''improving the state of the world''.

Note: given the rising inequality around the globe, expect also a lot of criticism (often, fair and justified) around this event along with praise for important initiatives launched. Despite all its flaws, the World Economic Forum in Davos provides unique opportunities for connections, exchange of big ideas and insights, even after it's over.


13. Applied Machine Learning Days - premier applied ML event in Europe

Dates and location: 25-29 January 2020, Lausanne, Switzerland

Applied Machine Learning Days AMLD 2020

AMLD 2020

Key theme: Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Twitter & event hashtag: @appliedmldays #AMLD2020

Edition: 2nd edition

Program highlights: 29 tracks and talks, including on Artificial Intelligence and Governance, AI and Trust, AI and Industry, AI and Cities, AI and Policy, AI and Leadership, AI and Climate Change.

  • Hands-on workshop experiences such as training sessions, coding classes, tutorials, experiments and hackathones.
  • Opportunity to connect with selected new interesting startups in deep tech, ready to meet their next hire, client or investor.

What is special about Applied Machine Learning Days at EPFL?: 35 countries represented at AMLD EPFL (EPFL is one of Europe’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan science and technology institutions). It consists of hands-on sessions and tracks on machine learning and artificial intelligence with top speakers from around the world.

Audience profile from 2019 AMLD event: developers, technologists, CTOs, CIOs, managers, scientists, researchers, engineers, policy makers, machine learning experts and students.


14. Artificial Intelligence in Business and Ethics (AIBE) - the largest non-profit AI summit

Dates and location: 29 January 2020, London, UK

Artificial Intelligence in Business and Ethics AIBE 2020 nonprofit AI summit

AIBE 2020 @AIBE_Summit

Key theme: Exploring AI’s latest developments and its economic, societal and ethical implications 

Twitter & event hashtag: @AIBE_Summit #AIBESummit

Edition: 5th (annual summit since 2016)

Program highlights:

  • Uncovering the UK’s AI strategy
  • Trends in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning evolution
  • Managing trust in a world entrusted to machines
  • AI, Smart Cities and the Future of Mobility
  • AI, Security and Democracy

What is special about Artificial Intelligence in Business and Ethics Summit?: AIBE is the annual gathering of AI experts, students and professionals on a mission to enhance public understanding of artificial intelligence and data-driven technologies.


15. AI & Big Data Expo Global 2020 - leading AI conference and exhibition

Dates and location: 17-18 March 2020, London, UK (EVENT POSTPONED)

AI & Big Data Expo Global 2020 London - Conference and Exhibition

AI & Big Data Expo Global 2020

Key theme: Delivering AI & Big Data for a smarter future

Twitter & event hashtag: @ai_expo #aiandbigdataexpo

Edition: AI Expo World Series event 2020 (London, Amsterdam and Silicon Valley)

Program highlights: Featured sessions: Introduction to AI Ethics (links between ethics, risks, potential for profit), AI for Good, Putting Societal Needs First with 5G, Attracting & retaining the best talent (including encouraging and improving diversity in AI), Breaking Silos (understanding risks, collaboration and strategic decisions that are right for your company, not just your AI technology strategy), AI Algorithms - included in conference tracks Applied AI & Big Data, Enterprise AI, Big Data Business Strategies.

What is special about AI & Big Data Expo?:

  • World series conference and exhibition exploring artificial intelligence, big data, deep learning, machine learning, bringing together forward thinking brands, market leaders, startups, and data and engineering leaders across the whole enterprise ecosystem of IoT, Blockchain, Cloud & Cyber Security
  • Opportunity to be part of a leading technology event, gain brand exposure and promote your company alongside top-level speakers to an audience of relevant C-level global executives.


16. Data Innovation Summit - influential Data and AI Innovation event in the Nordics

Dates and location: 19-20 March 2020, Stockholm, Sweden

NEW DATES: 18 - 21 August 2020 ONLINE

Data Innovation Summit 2020 - Data & AI Innovation Event in the Nordics

Data Innovation Summit 2020

Key theme: Innovate Through Your Data: Towards Human Centered and Explainable Data and AI Innovation

Twitter & event hashtag: @DISummit2030 #DataInnovationSummit #DataInnovationSummit2020 #DIS20

Edition: 5th edition

Program highlights: This edition will again focus on data-first and AI-ready practical technical and business case studies. The program has 6 stages: Applied Analytics Data Science and AI, Analytics and Visualisation, Data Engineering, Data Management, Industry 4.0 and IoT, Machine and Deep Learning. 

What is special about Data Innovation Summit?:

  • Where industry disruptors share their AI journeys - from initiation to innovation, highlighting project kickstart, scalability examples or top use-cases that led to success
  • Influential Data and AI Innovation event focusing on Advanced Analytics, Data Science, ML, NLP, AI, IoT, Data Management and Engineering


17. O’Reilly Strata Data & AI Conference - where cutting-edge science and new business fundamentals intersect

Dates and location: 20-23 April 2020, London, UK (EVENT CANCELLED)

O'REILLY Strata Data & AI Conference 2020 London

O'Reilly Strata Data & AI Conference 2020 @strataconf

Key theme: Close look at the latest Data and Machine Learning techniques and technologies and emerging challenges

Twitter & event hashtag: @strataconf #StrataDataAI

Edition: part of O'Reilly Technology Conferences

Program highlights: From building a foundational data infrastructure, preparing training data to productionizing ML pipelines, working with NLP to iterating AI projects and to getting fresh insights on AI ethics, bias, and privacy issues as well as on collaboration and building data teams.

What is special about OReilly Strata Data & AI Conference?:  Place where to learn how to leverage data and put AI to work, to get insights into emerging technologies and challenges, to discover training, hiring and career opportunities for data professionals, to engage in professional networking and meet AI developers, algorithm engineers and scientists, AI product managers, business managers, strategists and most influential decision makers, rearchers and academics, VCs and investors.


18. Rise of AI Conference

Dates and location: 13-14 May 2020, Berlin, Germany

Rise of AI Conference 2020 Berlin - AI & ML events

Rise of AI Conference 2020, Berlin

Key theme: The future of AI and its impact on society

Twitter & event hashtag: @Riseof_AI #riseofai

Edition: 6th

Program highlights: The program is organised around four stages (AI Future, AI Applied, AI Evolution, AI Society) and various interactive formats (AI Topic Tables, AI Deep Dive Workshops).

What is special about Rise of AI Conference?: Mission - to contribute towards building a strong European AI ecosystem, where researchers, politicians, investors, companies and entrepreneurs meet, exchange thoughts and work together on a common AI vision, strategy and execution.


19. CogX 2020: Festival of AI, Blockchain and Breakthrough Technologies

Dates and location: 8-10 June 2020, London, UK

The AI event CogX 2020 GOES VIRTUAL (same dates) due to COVID19 and health safety update.

CogX 2020 Festival of AI Blockchain and Breakthrough Technologies

CogX logo @cognition_x

Key theme: The CogX 2020 key theme - How Do We Get the Next 10 Years Right?

The CogX tagline: ''The World’s Most Exciting Celebration of Innovation and Transformational Opportunities'', featuring the best of innovation and achievement in AI and Emerging Technology, including in AI growth and adoption practices.

Twitter & event hashtag: @cognition_x #CogX20

Edition: 4th edition

Program highlights: Before the coronavirus outbreak, the talks and debates were planned around 10 thematic stages:

  1. CogX Impact stage (exploring the impact of AI and other emerging technology on business, government and society.
  2. CogX Ethics stage (discussing responsible deployment of AI, values and its unintended consequences)
  3. CogX Future of Work & Education stage (new tools for HR executives, use of Artificial Intelligence in education)
  4. CogX Innovation, Investment & the Economy stage (exploring how AI is changing financial services and investing strategies)
  5. CogX Cutting Edge stage (diving into the AI hardware, software and wetware)
  6. CogX Lab to Live stage (examining how proofs of concept become case studies and predictions become results)
  7. CogX Web 3.0 & Decentralised Future stage (combining blockchain and AI for privacy and new business opportunities)
  8. CogX Alan Turing Research stage (gathering academics and researchers from R&D labs across the globe)
  9. CogX Health stage (discussing how AI is changing healthcare)
  10. CogX Canal stage (exploring how is AI changing the life of our planet, our cities and our society for today and tomorrow)

The final CogX 2020 agenda is aligned with immediate  COVID19 challenges and long-term needs: there are three new elements Virtual CogX, an updated Health agenda, and the Global Leadership Summit, and it is organised around 17 parallel topics:

• Global Leadership
• Health, Wellbeing and COVID
• Planet, Smart-Cities and Space
• Ethics and Society
• Economy and Future of Work
• FinTech and Financial Services
• Cyber and Defence
• Industry 4.0 and Sustainable Supply Chains
• Createch – Culture, Creativity and Technology
• The Cutting Edge
• Lab to Live – Real World lessons
• The HR and Ed Tech Revolution
• Start-up to Scale Up to IPO and Beyond
• Web 3.0 and Decentralisation
• Research – The Long View
• Gen Z
• Next Gen Infrastructure and Cloud Services

What is special about CogX?: The CogX 2020 edition aims to be their biggest, most inclusive and forward-thinking gathering of leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, policy makers, artists, academics and activists to date. 

Futures looking expo area (in case of a physical event) and AI driven professional networking: a space to connect with the people and technologies that are shaping the future of humanity. For a virtual format, an interactive vExpo, virtual start-up village, and brand new side events are organised.

CogX speakers coming from across industry, academia, government and technology, representing different disciplines, geographies and backgrounds.

CogX 2019 promoted AI for Good by encouraging its participants to point their Tools, Tech and Talent towards the UN 17 Global Goals (SDGs) and build a brighter future – for business, for humanity and for the planet.

CogX 2021 Global Leadership Summit will build on the insights from the year 2020.

CogX 2019 conference supports SDGs

CogX 2019 Highlights - website


Alla Kos - Responsible AI SDGs Consultant Advisor Strategist

AI governance

Is your business aligned with the SDGs agenda?

20. World Summit AI - one of the top AI conferences actively promoting diversity and inclusion in AI & technology industry

Dates and location: 7-8 October 2020, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Moved to 14 October 2020 ONLINE and theme #withoutborders for 2020.

World Summit AI 2020 Amsterdam Top AI Conference event

World Summit AI 2020 - Amsterdam

Key theme: Innovation, AI policy, ethics and regulation, applied solutions for enterprise.

Twitter & event hashtag: @WorldSummitAI #WSAI20

Edition: 4th (previously, WSAI 2017, WSAI 2018, WSAI 2019)

Program highlights: The WSAI 2020 program will be released soon

What is special about World Summit AI?:

  • Leading AI summit gathering the global AI ecosystem of Enterprise, BigTech, Startups, Investors and Science, the brightest brains in Artificial Intelligence, guided by the mission to tackle the most burning AI issues and set the global AI agenda.
  • WSAI 2019 saw 6495 attendees from 162 countries


21. World Summit AI Americas

Dates and location: 25-26 March 2020, Montreal, Canada (MOVING ONLINE FOR 2020)

World Summit AI 2020 Americas Montreal Canada

World Summit AI Americas 2020 @WorldSummitAI

Key theme: Innovation, AI policy, ethics and regulation, applied solutions for enterprise.

Twitter & event hashtag: @WorldSummitAI #WSAIAM20

Edition: 2nd

Program highlights:

  • Deep Dive Tech Talks
  • Topical debate on the hottest issues making global headlines (e.g. Should big tech be regulated or will this stifle innovation?')
  • AI Ethics: how to build and implement an ethical framework to create model AI governance
  • AI for Good: ways of using AI to address socio-economic imbalances and help humanity
  • AI Implementation roadmap
  • AI Use Cases, including sector-specific panel sessions on finance and retail
  • AI disruptors - Startups stage

What is special about World Summit AI Americas?:

  • Great mixture of participants and major global influencers in AI from enterprise, big tech, startups, academia, law, government and investment
  • ''The best event for feeling the global pulse of of AI'' (feedback from participants).


22. Global Technology Governance Summit 2020, WEF

Dates and location: 21-22 April 2020, San-Francisco, USA


Global Technology Governance Summit 2020 by World Economic Forum.

Global Technology Governance Summit 2020 @wef

Key theme: An urgent need for public-private collaboration on technology governance issues

Twitter & event hashtag: @wef

Edition: 1st inaugural Global Technology Governance Summit

Program highlights: Topics featured in the programme include:

  • Creating New Models for the Data Economy
  • Facilitating the Free Flow of Trusted Data
  • Protecting Privacy and Empowering Users
  • Designing for Safety and Security
  • Ensuring Wide Access to New Technologies
  • Accelerating Agile Policy-Making

What is special about WEF Global Technology Governance Summit?: Convenes key stakeholders of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) from industry, government, technology, civil society and academia to drive cross-sector action on the most pressing technology challenges by e.g. engaging with coalitions and initiatives innovating at the global, national and municipal levels or developing policies and protocols with the C4IR Global Network.


23. Big Data & AI Toronto 2020 - the biggest Canada's conference and expo

Dates and location: 3-4 June 2020, Toronto, Canada

Big Data & AI Toronto POSTPONED to 29-30 September 2020

Big Data & AI Toronto 2020 Canada Conference - Disrupt, Transform, Empower.

Key theme: ''Disrupt.Transform. Empower''. Big Data and AI event 2020 will co-locate two new events: The Cloud Expo and Cybersecurity Toronto.

Twitter & event hashtag: @BigDataTO @AITOConf #BigDataAITO

Edition: 5th edition

Program highlights: The detailed program 2020 is still to be announced. The Big Data and AI Toronto 2019 edition included keynote on accelerating Enterprise Data & AI transformation, panels on getting beyond the AI hype, privacy and data security and emerging threats created by new technology through 2020, among other topics.

What is special about Big Data & AI Toronto?: The event is focusing on the greatest business challenges technology leaders are facing today. It is designed to give you a 360 degree view on the industry, the latest use cases and aims to help you future-proof your AI strategy. Hopefully, Big Data & AI Toronto 2020 edition will offer critical AI governance insights to achieve its bold goals.


24. AI Expo Africa 2020 - the continent's largest B2B trade show and AI conference

Dates and location: 3-4 September 2020, Cape Town, South Africa (ONLINE)

AI Expo Africa 2020 largest trade show & conference

Key theme: Automation and Intelligence for the future

Twitter & event hashtag: @aiexpoafrica #AIExpoAfrica

Edition: 3rd, the largest business focused Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Data Science trade event in Africa. 

Program highlights: AI Expo Africa 2020 program is organised around 4 main themes:

  • Innovation  – New to market solutions, innovations, start-up and investor centric success stories
  • Case Studies – Real world applications and benefits of deployment in a B2B / B2C context
  • Platforms & Panels – Latest developments from global, regional and local platform providers including panel discussions
  • Technical Demonstrations – Dedicated, deeper dive technical demonstrations of B2B / B2C solutions hosted in the Expo “Demo Zone”

Topics for discussion and presentations include: .

  • Building AI for Good through global collaboration
  • AI Governance issues

What is special about AI Expo Africa 2020 event?:

  • Focus on real world business AI applications
  • The conference brings together decision makers, investors, buyers, suppliers, innovators, small businesses and global brands in the region.


25. AI World Conference & Expo 2020 - the industry’s largest event on AI in the enterprise

Dates and location: 29 September - 1October 2020, Boston, USA

POSTPONED until 2021

Key theme: The state of the practice of AI in the enterprise,  complex landscape of AI business solutions, ways of successfully deploying AI

Twitter & event hashtag: @AIWorldExpo  #aiworld

Edition: 3rd (previously, AI World Conference & Expo 2018, 2019)

Program highlights: Detailed program 2020 is to be announced. In 2019, AI World included AI World Executive Summit providng business executives with a strategic look at enterprise AI across multiple industries; dedicated program Making AI Trustworthy focused on helping conference attendees understand best practices in developing AI models to be fair, robust, trustworthy and explainable; half day program on AI & Cybersecurity; dedicated service and time for networking opportunities.

What is special about AI World Conference & Expo?: Positioned as the must attend event for enterprise executives and decision makers from Global 2000 organizations and business leaders from across the entire artificial intelligence and machine learning ecosystem. It's a platform designed for business and technology executives who want to learn about innovative implementations of AI in the enterprise through case studies and peer networking.


26. Responsible AI for Social Empowerment - RAISE 2020 Summit

Dates and location: 5-6 October 2020, New Delhi, India

The event moved ONLINE (extended dates 5-9 October) as RAISE 2020 Virtual Global Summit.

Responsible AI for Social Empowerment Summit RAISE 2020 India

Key theme: Global consultation on using Artificial Intelligence for social empowerment, inclusion and transformation in key areas like healthcare, agriculture, education and smart mobility AI for a better tomorrow.

Twitter & event hashtag: @RaiseAISummit #RAISE2020 #AIForAll

Edition: 1st edition - RAISE 2020 is India's first AI summit organised by the Government in partnership with Industry and Academia.

Program highlights:

  • Main issues covered: Inclusion, Fintech, Agriculture, Health, Education, Skilling, Data, Ecosystem, Ethical AI, AI Governance, Infrastructure, Research, Smart Cities
  • Sessions on Role of regulation for Responsible AI, Building skills for an AI ready workforce, Harnessing AI for growth, Leveraging AI for pandemic preparedness
  • Fireside Chats: Creating a culture of AI Makers & Innovators, AI is not Artificial at All: Keeping Humans at The Center of AI driven Solutions
  • Conversations on how to harness the power of AI to make a positive impact on society and how to reduce the risk of amplifying human biases

What is special about RAISE 2020 Global AI Summit in India?:

  • Global stage for thought leadersto chart a course  towards Responsible AI
  • Focus on nurturing talent by exposure, recognition and guidance.


27. Impact AI Conference - dedicated Responsible AI event

Dates and location: 28 October 2020, Ottawa, Canada

Impact AI Canada - Responsible AI Conference.

Key theme: What does responsible AI mean for our future?

Twitter & event hashtag: @Impact_AIConf #IMPACTAI2020

Edition: 2nd edition

Program highlights: to be announced

What is special about Impact AI Conference in Canada?: It is a collaborative, leadership-driven classroom for people passionate about technology. IMPACT AI is taking the stand to declare that AI is as much about our humanity as it is the technology. By focusing on AI ethics, equality, and empathy, the conference is exploring the principles, ideas, and real-world strategies and examples of responsible artificial intelligence. The Impact AI Conference is hosted by MindBridgeAi (AI for audit).


In 2019, another organisation Re-Work also hosted Responsible AI Summit Montreal focusing on enterprise and business case studies.

28. AI for Good Global Summit - key event focusing on AI and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Dates and location: 4-8 May 2020, Geneva, Switzerland

AI for Good Global Summit now (due to COVID-19) ALL YEAR Always Online

AI for Good Global Summit 2020 new dates

Key theme: Accelerating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Connecting AI innovators with problem owners to solve global challenges

Twitter & event hashtag: @ITU_AIForGood #AIforGood

Edition: 4th

Program highlights:

  • Exhibits and Demos (e.g. in 2019, AI for Good Summit showcased the latest in AI technologies — from drones, exoskeletons and robotics to avatars, autonomous cars, and AI-powered health solutions)
  • Breakthrough AI for Good project pitches
  • Breakthrough tracks (In 2019, AI for Good Global Summit was organised around five Breakthrough Tracks: AI and Health, AI and Education, AI and Human Dignity and Equality, Scaling AI and AI for Space. There were also sessions on Smart Mobility, AI and Agriculture, the unintended consequences of artificial intelligence.)

What is special about AI for Good Global Summit:

  • THE leading action-oriented, global and inclusive United Nations platform on Artificial Intelligence
  • A multi-stakeholder, inter-disciplinary approach


Alla Kos - Responsible AI SDGs Consultant Advisor Strategist

for Good

How your business can contribute to the SDGs?

29. IAIA 2020 Seville: Smartening Impact Assessment: Science, Technology and Governance Advancements Toward Efficiency and Effectiveness

Dates and location: 26-29 May, 2020, Seville, Spain

IAIA conference RESCHEDULED to May 2021 (IAIA 2021 #IAIA21)

Smartening Impact Assessment - IAIA 2020 Conference

Key theme: The IAIA 2020 Seville conference aims to explore related scientific, technological and governance developments to reflect on whether the impact assessment community is getting any smarter at bridging the science and art of impact assessment and how to make best use of scientific innovation to address current practical challenges.

Impact assessment, simply defined, is the process of identifying the future consequences of a current or proposed action. IAIA is the leading global network on best practice in the use of impact assessment for informed decision making regarding policies, programs, plans and projects. Impact assessment is a practical tool for helping meet today's needs without compromising the opportunities of future generations..

Twitter & AI event hashtag: @IAIAnetwork  #IAIA20

Edition: 40th Annual Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment

Program highlights: Featured IAIA 2020 Seville conference topics include:

  • Decision impacts: How is impact assessment truly influencing decisions?
  • Strengthening the effectiveness of impact assessment through collaboration
  • AI in health care: the ethical, legal and social issues at stake
  • Building impact assessment practitioner capacity through peer learning

What is special about IAIA 2020 Seville Conference?

  • IAIA is the only international, interdisciplinary conference dedicated to the art and science of impact assessment.
  • Diversity in participants of IAIA conferences, coming from different sectors: 900+ attendees from consultancies, government, industry, academia, research institutes, donor agencies, development banks and NGOs in over 80 countries.


Do we need impact assessments for disruptive digital technologies? If not, what would be the alternative? If we don’t create at least basic assessment systems to ensure we’re using next-generation technologies for our benefit and to advance social cohesion, carbon-neutrality and sustainability, we put our future at risk. 

from blog

30. RightsCon 2020

Dates and location: 9-12 June, 2020, San Jose, Costa Rica

RightsCon Costa Rica moved ONLINE Online from July 27-31, 2020

RightsCon Costa Rica 2020 - Human Rights in Digital Age Conference - Responsible AI.

Key theme: Human Rights in the Digital Age (Note: this year, the organizers received more than twice as many proposals on AI as they did last year)

Twitter & event hashtag: @rightscon #RightsCon

Edition: 9th annual Summit

Program highlights: RightsCon Costa Rica selected program categories:

  • Alternative Models for Business and Labor
  • Artificial Intelligence, Automation and the Algorithm
  • Cybersecurity Norms and Practice
  • Data Governance, Protection and Consent
  • Digital Inclusion and Diversity
  • Environmental Sustainability and Human Resilience
  • Public Interest Tech and Human Rights-Centered Design

What is special about RightsCon?:

  • World's leading summit on human rights in the digital age bringing together business leaders, policy makers, general counsels, technologists, advocates, academics, government representatives, and journalists from around the world to tackle the most pressing issues at the intersection of human rights and technology
  • As in-person event, RightsCon convenes 1,000+ expert speakers across a range of sectors, industries and communities and attracts some of the world’s leading voices. In 2020, the online format of the RightsCon turned out to be the largest, most inclusive event in their history with 7,681 participants from 157 countries joining more than 309 sessions.
  • For its 10th anniversary, the RightsCon 2021 will take place entirely online and across every time zone on 7-11 June.


31. UN World Data Forum 2020

Dates and location: 18-21 October 2020, Bern, Switzerland

The physical meeting of the World Data Forum is POSTPONED to 3-6 October 2021.

A VIRTUAL Forum is now planned on 19–21 October 2020 to satisfy demand for the latest data solutions and thinking to support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and now more urgently for the monitoring and recovery from COVID-19. 

UN World Data Forum - Delivering better data for evidence-based policy-making.

Key theme: Delivering better data for evidence-based policymaking 

Twitter & event hashtag: @UNDataForum #UNDataForum

Edition: 3rd edition

Program highlights: The Program of the UN World Data Forum is organised around six main thematic areas:

  1. New approaches to capacity development for better
  2. Innovations and synergies across data ecosystems
  3. Leaving no one behind (making the most vulnerable visible through data)
  4. Understanding the world through data
  5. Building trust in data and statistics
  6. How far have we come? (addressing emerging challenges and identifying gaps to fully harness the power of data to improve people's lives)

What is special about UN World Data Forum 2020?: The United Nations World Data Forum on Sustainable Development Data is a platform for intensifying cooperation with various professional groups, such as information technology, geospatial information managers, data scientists and users, as well as civil society stakeholders.


32. UN Forum on Business and Human Rights 2020

Dates and location: 16-18 November 2020, Geneva, Switzerland ONLINE

UN Forum on Business and Human Rights - AI and Emerging Technologies topic.

Key theme: The need for prevention of business-related adverse human rights impacts, connecting with key global challenges such as tackling climate change, fighting corruption, confronting risks posed by new technologies and building sustainable peace, as well strengthening accountability and effective access to remedy.

Twitter & event hashtag: @WGBizHRs #UNForumBHR #bizhumanrights

Edition: 9th edition

Program highlights:

  • UN Human Rights B-Tech Project: A smart mix of measures for the responsible use of technology in re-building the global economy. 
  • CEO panel: Closing the gap between corporate aspiration and action to respect human rights.  
  • Toward a roadmap for the next decade: UNGPs10+ (UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights)

What is special about the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights?: The Forum seeks to facilitate dialogue not only on trends and challenges, but most importantly to promote collaboration on solutions and identifying good practices in implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights worldwide, across particular sectors, operational environments or in relation to specific rights or groups. 

The 2019 event brought together over 2,400 participants from more than 130 countries, representing governments, businesses, civil society, academics, investors, national human rights institutions and international organisations. For the first time in eight years, more than 30 percent of participants came from the private sector.


Alla Kos - Responsible AI SDGs Consultant Advisor Strategist


Aware of Human Rights risks of your AI systems?

33. Global AI Governance Forum 2020, World Government Summit 

Dates and location: 22-25 November 2020, Dubai, UAE

Global AI Governance Forum - World Government Summit - Governance of AI Roundtable 2020.

Key theme: Global Governance of AI Roundtable

Twitter & event hashtag: @WorldGovSummit #WorldGovSummit

Edition: 3rd

Program highlights: Global Governance of AI Roundtable aims to develop a consensus governance framework, guiding principles for policymakers and implementation guidelines for industry and practitioners.

What is special about Global AI Governance Forum?: Collective intelligence platform and exercise focused on gathering information, taking inventory of policies already implemented and proposed, addressing key issues and considering novel perspectives so as to serve as a catalyst, ensuring humanity reaps the promise and benefits of artificial intelligence, while mitigating possible risks.


Additions to top AI conference list

Although this list of AI events for business industry leaders is quite comprehensive, it might not be exaustive. Some other important gatherings on AI could be added throughout the year, simply because not all the organisations announce their full calendar well in advance.

Over To You: artificial intelligence conference 2020

So, here you have it. I hope that you find this list of top AI conferences 2020 useful for your work, business and professional development.

What is your best Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning conference 2020 and why? How are you engaging with the speakers, participants and conversations? Please let me know in the comments below or connect with me on social media, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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